10 Necessities The Every Hostess Needs

Have you ever wondered what Necessities The Every Hostess Needs?

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Don’t fret my friends! I’ve got you covered! There are SO many products out there that you could stock up on to be the ultimate hostess. However, sometimes all you need are a few necessities in order to achieve this. I rounded up my favorite products and what I think makes the ultimate hostess!

One of my favorite things on the list are these champagne flutes. It’s always important to have a set of champagne flutes on stock! Wednesday’s make for great champagne nights :)

10 Necessities The Every Hostess Needs

  1. Cheese Board – The best staple! You can use this board to serve not only cheese but appetizers too. It also makes for a great decor piece with candles and flowers on it in your kitchen.
  2. Cheese Knives – It always makes a difference to have proper cheese knives out with the cheeses you serve for guest to use.
  3. Champagne Glasses – Need I say more?
  4. Serving Utensils  – There is nothing worse than a guest trying to serve themselves the lovely meal you made with their fork! Always, always, have serving utensils on the table.
  5. A great set of napkins + Napkin Rings! – Have a fun set of napkins (6-10), that way they can pair with a simple white place setting and make your table a little more fun!
  6. Wine Opener – I think this is pretty self explanatory…
  7. Coasters – Make sure to always protect your table! Set the coasters out to acknowledge to guests to please use them.
  8. Baking Dish – for those big dinner parties!
  9. Set of Candles / Candle tapers – to make your table setting beautiful!
  10. Cocktail Pitcher – For those times you don’t feel like playing bar tender. You can make a big pitcher of cocktails before your party, that way it makes serving your guests drinks easier. This is also great for putting water in on the table!

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