56th Annual Grammy’s Party


The time of year has come for all of the Hollywood stars, award season! And though many (probably majority) of us aren’t famous actors or singers, we can still party like the famous! This Sunday is the 56th Annual Grammy’s and the perfect night to host a Grammy’s viewing party. Whether it’s with five of your closest friends or twenty, take these simple tips from The Every Hostess for a glamorous evening just like the stars are having.

Champagne is a must, and adding gold glitter around the champagne bottle adds a rock star touch. At the beginning of the party or during commercials, make a list of the all nominees for your guests to fill out who they think will win, a fun activity to keep everyone entertained. Simple snacks such as popcorn and mini appetizer bites are perfect for viewing. Add star embellishments and use individual popcorn holders to make the food more involved.  Place settings for a dinner during the Grammys is your chance to make it fun for your guests! Adding headphones around the table, black and gold microphones and mini instruments is a great way to keep the rock star vibe. The suggested color palate is black and gold, keeping a glamorous Grammy party vibe and making your guests feeling like they are a part of the action!

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