Arkansas Razorback Cupcakes


Wahoo Pig Sooie!

 My best friend and college roommate is a die-hard Arkansas Razorback fan who constantly yells “Pig Sooie” around the house.. (I’ll be honest I have no idea what she is saying, but I love her school pride). Her birthday is coming up and I decided the perfect present to her would be making Razorback cupcakes. I had to reference good ole google, having no idea what a Razorback was. But I will say these were so much fun to make for her and she was SO excited seeing the end result. I used a simple out of the box cupcake recipe and died white frosting red.


  • 1 Can of Red frosting with a push out top
  • Red fondant
  • Black Frosting
  • White Frosting


Make circles out of the fondant for the nose of the pig and top with two black dots for the nostrils. Using the white frosting add swooping lines on each side of the nose for horns. Add white eyeballs topping with black dots on top of the nose. Lastly using the “squiggly” looking frosting top, make the Razorback.

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