Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Spoil mom with the perfect gift!

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My mom has always been my best friend. Though we have had our ups and downs throughout our relationship, she is still my number one fan, biggest supporter and my go to when my day is on a high or a low.

Throughout the wedding process the only thing I have asked her to be apart of is wedding dress shopping. And she has been THE best at her wedding role. We flew to New York and San Fransisco, had the best mother-daughter weekend, and found the dress! The reason why I have kept my mom out of the rest of wedding planning is because you all know that planning parties is my thing! I get a little overwhelmed when there are too many cooks in the kitchen so wanted to keep the decision making to myself and my wedding planner. Honestly, having my mom in this role has been so much fun and she has been the best support. She is the reason I love clothes so much!

Stay tuned next week I am sharing all my tips on wedding dress shopping!

In the spirit of Mothers Day being Sunday, I rounded up a few of the perfect gifts to get mom!

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