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Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

Have you heard about Donna?

If you follow my Instagram stories you definitely have heard of Donna. Donna is the name my mom and I gave my wedding dress as we traveled from San Fransisco to Montana. It was quite the adventure traveling with a 10+ pound dress through an airport and during delays. But she made it safe and sound, hanging in my closet waiting to be put on in just a few weeks!

Wedding dress shopping was my favorite part of this whole process, among many other things! This was the main wedding item that I included my mom in as she is a fashionista herself. I tried on a few dresses at some local boutiques in Denver but decided my mom and I should make this more fun and travel to New York first to see more! New York lead us to San Fransisco where we found Donna and I could not be happier! There were so many things I learned along the way during this process that I wanted to share with you all if you are in the search of your wedding dress!

1. Make Appointments ahead of time. If you are traveling to a city or planning to do this in one weekend, make sure to have as many appointments at different salons that you can fit in. Only make them at the salons you definitely know you want to go to. I, unfortunately, did not do my research and ended up at a few salons that were frankly, a waste of time. One salon we were in and out of in 20 minutes!

2. Speak your mind and lay down the law! Right off the bat make sure to tell the sales person helping you what you are looking for and how much you can spend. If you are on a strict budget, make sure to ask each time you put on a dress how much this one is. You don’t want to fall in love with anything way over your budget! If you have some wiggle room then have fun with it!

3. I know what styles look good on me and what don’t so that was easy for me to have strict guidelines when we picked out the dresses at each salon. No strapless, no form fitting, no mermaid, no lace. It’s kind of hilarious how many dresses in that style the saleswoman would pull for your to try. Don’t be afraid to say no! However, at my first appointment I tried on most every style just to see what I liked which I found very helpful!

4. Wear the right clothes! When we were in New York it was winter so it was a little difficult to dress and undress all of the layers I had on. However, I did try to stick to wearing jeans, booties and a sweater and had my mom hold my coat and scarf. Panties, ladies, are so important! Make sure to have a good pair of panties for trying on dresses! To some of the salons I visited I unfortunately wore a black thong! Which is a huge no no. A lot of the dresses aren’t lined so you can see right through them! I highly recommend a skin colored or white panty or boy short. Most salons prefer to dress you so you whoo-ha is all up in their face!

5. I’m a firm believer that when you know, you know. It’s hard to describe but you get this feeling of comfort, feeling really pretty, and can 100% imagine yourself in the dress! My mom was by far the best MOB during this process. She definitely is a woman of opinion but with every dress I tried on she would let me have a moment to see how I felt in it. When I looked to her for her thoughts she would give it. There is nothing worse than a mom that outright states their opinion (if she hates it) before the bride asks! I do think the moment your mom falls in love with a dress on you, it’s definitely a top contender (as long as you and your mom have similar taste!)!

6. Traveling with your dress is a process. Especially if its big! The biggest thing that I did not know is that your dress counts as a carryon. So, if you have two carryon pieces with you plus your dress, you are going to need to check one on your carry on bags. The plane we flew on was TINY, tiny! So, Donna had to get shoved, yes, shoved into the overheard compartment. I almost had a heart attack and had to look away as they did it! If you are on a bigger plane that has a coat closet definitely ask the flight attendant right when you get on if you can put your dress in there. They do not let you hold it either!

7. Lastly, once you have your dress immediately unfollow bridal salons on Instagram and stop pinning dresses! You are just going to make yourself go crazy!

This whole process can be tricky but should be SO much fun! Just remember that this is your day and you want to be comfortable and feel beautiful in the dress that you choose! Happy hunting!

Styling and Design – Kaitlin Chad with The Every Hostess and Amy Caroline Photography
Photography – Amy Caroline Photography
Hair and Makeup – Liana Kathryn
Flowers – Mallory with Plum Sage Flowers
Wedding Dress – a&be bridal shop
Dress Designer – Limor and Rosen
Bridal Jewelry – Sarah O
Bridesmaids Jewelry – Ooh Ahh Jewelry 
Bridesmaids Dresses – Bhldn
Bridesmaids Dresses Designer – Serenity by Donna Morgan
Robes, Pj’s & Rompers – Bhldn
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