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Wedding Makeup and Skin Care Tips

Does anyone else hate getting their makeup done?

I have had my makeup done so many times before big events and out of those times only a handful I have absolutely loved the way it turned out. I think when you have done your makeup for so long you get use to the way you like it and can’t stand when other people try different things. I was so nervous about hiring someone in Montana to do my wedding makeup without actually having them do it before on me. Thank goodness for my amazing wedding planners who booked me a trial run before hand to let me test it out. I could not be happier with the way they did it, I felt so pretty!

When it comes to booking your wedding day makeup artist I highly recommend doing the same and having a pre-trial run. Book it on a day that you will be able to go out in the makeup later on or even on the day you do boudoir photos! That way it’s worth while and you get to see if you like their work before hiring them.

Another tip, don’t be afraid to express how you like things. This bothers me about women sometimes! Speak up ladies! Otherwise you are going to hate it. I know that I do not like a heavy top eyeliner, I need my acne scars covered and like when my face is bronzed. So I went into my appointment explaining this to the artist and she was able to follow those guidelines. Simple as that.

When it comes to skin care I constantly cannot figure out what I am doing with my skin. I always breakout from “period” pimples every month. And always scar from these pimples. I cannot get it together. Thank goodness for makeup! I have added a few amazing skin updates to my routine (see them here) that have been working for me lately, especially for pre wedding. However I still feel lost and that I will never get it under control! The best thing you can do for your skin a few weeks out from your wedding is nothing. Use a gentle cleanser, a good moisturizer and SPF. Don’t introduce anything new!

In the past six months I  have been working hard to get my skin to the right place for our wedding day. I am currently dealing with side effects from dermaplain two weeks out… but am getting it under control! There us NOTHING worse than you skin acting up before a big event! I DO NOT recommend trying anything new or intense on your face less than 4 months out of your day.

Bottom line, take care of yourself, don’t over do anything and be vocal to your makeup artist!

Photography – Amy Caroline Photography
Hair and Makeup – Liana Kathryn
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